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Recommended Office Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, graphic designer, or plumber - some basic essentials, such as office electronics, furniture and supplies, are used by everyone. Start with this list as your foundation and keep on growing from there.

Basic Desk Supplies:

Pens, Pencils & Writing Supplies - highlighters, tape, paper clips, stapler and staples, rubber bands, ruler, scissors, and a waste basket.


You'll want to stock up on paper. Legal pads, notebooks, sticky notes, copy and printer paper. Don't forget the ink and toner. You might need a selection of card stock or resume paper.

Get Organized:

File cabinet, hanging pendaflex folders, manila folders, 3-ring binders, binder clips to keep your various documents together.

Stationery & Mailing Supplies

Stock up on mailing supplies, such as window and closed letter-sized and manila envelopes. They come in all sizes. I used the 4" x 9" business envelopes for mailing invoices, payments, letters and other documents. I used the 9" x 12" white and manila envelopes for presentations and resumes. And don't forget the postage.

Calendars and Bulletin Boards:

You might want to consider using a white board with markers and eraser for brainstorming, or a large calendar for a monthly or weekly visual of what's going on. How about a corkboard for using push pins and thumbtacks for hanging art, notes, photos, etc.

Planning, Time Management and Tracking:

Besides your phone, you might want to use a planner for all of your appointments, deadlines, and to-do lists.

Office Furniture:

You're going to need a comfortable desk and chair, some bookcases or storage shelves, and a file cabinet.

Office Electronics:

Most businesses require some kind of computer technology, and having a tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or all of the above, makes running a business much easier. Sure, smart phones can do a whole lot these days, but if you require special software to perform more advanced tasks, you will need a computer. I'm not a cloud person, so I believe in using my computer to store all of my important documents and data, including backing up my mobile devices. You might want to consider using a wireless printer and of course you'll need a wireless router. You might also want a fax machine, or an all-in-one printer for printint, scanning and faxing.

office electronics, including cordless phones, inkjet printers, laser printers, shredders, calculators, projectors, scanners, cash registers, label makers, laminators, and voice recorders.

Apps & Software:

Depending on your business, you will probably need software, and a few apps, to help manage your business, and perform tasks like invoicing clients, tracking projects, maintaining a website or blog, and doing your taxes.