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Before we discuss pricing guidelines, we would be remiss if we didn't mention your work enviroment. Now that you have managed to successfully work from home and you have created a nice niche or room for your small office, you are going to need certain essentials to keep your business running smoothly. Check out our new page titled: "Recommended Office Supplies", where we have compiled a list that you might find helpful.

Guidelines for the Business Owner

Following are our pricing guidelines, only. You would need to adjust the rates according to your own business.

How to Price a Typing Job

We have found that pricing is one of the toughest parts of this business because there are so many variables.  The source of the material may be handwritten, typewritten, or taped dictation.  Handwritten material may be more difficult to read, thus slowing down the typing process.  Taped dictation may be too slow, too fast, too low or have background noises, making it more difficult to transcribe.  The author may not use proper grammar, thus increasing the time to restructure sentences.

Let's Make It Simple!

In order to make things simple, we suggest that you charge one hourly rate for most of your services.  In cases where you have established a working relationship with the client and the work is consistent, other pricing methods may be used. 

Transcription may be priced by the page or by the hour.  Database entry may be priced by the field or record. 

    Offer competitive pricing
Check around and you will see what the most competitive rates are for your area, or anywhere!
    Offer discounts on large projects
Whether you have one large project, or a consistent steady flow of work, you can arrange for a discount that will save your client dollars.
    Source Material
Source material may be handwritten, typed, faxed, on disk or cassette tape, or sent via E-mail.

Source material must be clearly legible. Illegible source material should be charged by the hour only, if able to be completed. You must notify the client of any problems with the material before work is done.


Suggested Rates

    Database Management: Hourly Rate - $20.00
This may include setting up and entering a database of information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, employees, salaries, sales information, etc. This information may be used for generating mail lists, labels, letter/merge files or reports.

Become familiar with most popular database applications such as MS Access and MS Word. Check out some of the free alternatives, such as OpenOffice Suite.

After the initial setup, most database entries may be priced at .15 per name and address record (name, company, address).  More detailed records that contain more fields for sorting, usually for generating labels and/or merged letters, would consist of the following fields: Title (Dr./Mr./Ms./Mrs.), First_Name, Last_Name, Company, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip_Code. These entries would be priced at .25 per record.
    Spreadsheets: Hourly Rate - $20.00
Which may include charts, graphs, formulas for column and row calculations, and tables.
    Transcription: Various Pricing Methods
Standard or microcassette tape. This may include recorded conference calls, interviews, lectures, standard letters and correspondence or weekly/monthly reports.
Insurance Transcription: $3.00 to $6.00 per page

We have been transcribing correspondence, recorded interviews and monthly reports for the insurance industry since 1990.

General Correspondence and Reports: $4.00 - $6.00 per page

Page rate based on standard 8.5" x 11" paper, 1" margins, single-spaced, audible dictation, non-technical, normal speed - no special formatting, outlines, styles, tables, columns, etc.  Using Times Roman 12 font or equivalent, single-spaced, standard address, re: captions, headers and footers, signature block, we charge $4.00 per page.  Full page of text, single-spaced, we charge $6.00 per page.

Recorded statements, 8.5" x 11" paper, 1" margins, 3-4 line header, double-spaced, word-for-word transcription, no editing, we charge $3.00 per page.

Page rates may be reduced if using standard format for all correspondence and reports, as described above.

Volume discounts may be given for daily or weekly transcription (minimum 50 pages per week).

    Word Processing: Hourly Rate - $20.00

Which may include correspondence, letters, manuals, manuscripts, resumes or weekly/monthly reports.

This would also include documents that may require font changes, formatting, mail merge, outlines, styles, typesetting, charts, graphics or tables.

For documents that don't require any special formatting, styles, etc., other pricing methods may be established.


If a hard copy is required, each project will include one printed original. Documents may be printed on your company letterhead or stationery, or on white inkjet paper. Additional copies are $.10 per page.

    Address Labels:
  • Different addresses - $4.00 sheet of 20 (2 x 10), $6.00 sheet of 30 (3 x 10).
  • Same address - $1.50 per sheet.
  • From mail merge file - $.50 per sheet.